About Us

Hey, EA! Is a resource like no other. We are all about helping executive and assistant teams to drive greater value that benefits their organization and their individual careers through a program that was created from both the executive and assistant perspectives.

Who we are

We are Hey, EA! - a trusted authority in revolutionizing the way executives and assistants work together. Our mission is to equip and empower assistants with the skills, knowledge, and strategies they need to strengthen the partnership with their executive, contribute to the bottom line and achieve extraordinary results. With our proven methodologies, revolutionary administrative assistant training courses, comprehensive resources and empowering community we are dedicated to transforming assistants into valuable partners in business success. Join us and unleash your potential as an assistant. 
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Our vision

At Hey, EA! our vision is to revolutionize how the role of assistants is viewed by creating true partnerships with their executives and quantifying their business impact. We see a future where assistants are recognized as strategic partners shaping the success of organizations worldwide. Through our innovative programs and unwavering commitment, we strive to create a world where assistants are at the forefront of business excellence, making a difference every step of the way.

Hey, EA! is trusted by Fortune 1000
executives and assistants

Sarah and Robert have worked with hundreds of companies
within a variety of industries including:

Why choose us

Unique Dual Perspectives

Our unique program is co-authored by an executive and an assistant. It offers a powerful blend of strategic insights and practical expertise that provides you with a comprehensive program from both top-level decision-making and on-the-ground execution.

Immediate High-Impact Results

Our Profit Center Partnership program delivers actionable strategies and techniques that can be implemented immediately to create tangible results. Experience the transformative power of this program as it drives meaningful changes and moves the needle on your desired outcomes, provides measurable improvements and fosters continuous improvement.

Expertise and Experience

With Hey, EA!, you benefit from our extensive expertise and experience with what works (and what doesn’t!) in building true partnerships between executives and assistants. We bring a wealth of knowledge, proven strategies and practical insights to help you excel as an executive and assistant team.

Meet The Creators

Sarah Calderon

Founder of Hey, EA!
Sarah brings a wealth of experience as both a top-notch executive assistant and leader of admin teams. She understands firsthand the challenges and opportunities of maximizing the assistant/executive partnership. Her expertise in streamlining processes and aligning executive priorities has resulted in remarkable success stories. Sarah is also a proud Texan, wife and mom. 

Robert Pollock

 Executive Contributor
Robert’s executive perspective complements Sarah’s insights by incorporating his 37+ years of experience as an entrepreneur, executive and business consultant. He has a proven track record building high performing teams. Together, they have created a course that is transformational for both executives and assistants.