Profit Center Partnership Program

The Hey, EA! program delivers quick, high-impact, quantifiable results by creating what we call a Profit Center Partnership between Executives and Executive Assistants. 

What’s in it for you?

Hey, Executive!
Here are some of the benefits you can
expect from our program:

  • Spend 50% less time on Low Value Activities that you hate.
  • Spend 50% more time on activities that you enjoy and are worthy of your Executive Value Per Hour™. 
  • Gain a minimum of $10,000 per week in quantifiable value.
  • Accomplish more than you ever have over the next 12 months
  • Reduced stress, better relationships and more personal time.

Hey, EA!
Here are some of the benefits you can expect from our program:

  • Become the true partner with your executive that you have always wanted to be.
  • Work each day with more clarity of purpose and confidence.
  • Be able to quantify your contribution.
  • Start looking forward to your annual review and goal setting meetings.
  • Reduced stress, better relationships and more personal time.

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How it works: The Roadmap


The Foundation

Executives and Assistants will spend 90 minutes together completing the first step of the program. Here, you will lay the foundation for a successful partnership. 


The Assistant Track

Assistants will complete the second step of the program, building on the foundation with practical and tangible tools to maximize your value and partnership


Continuous Success

 As part of the Hey, EA! Community, assistants will receive weekly emails from the Hey, EA! Team and access to ongoing training materials and webcasts 

What To Expect From The Profit Center
Partnership Program? 

Step 1: The Foundation

The first step is critical to laying the foundation for your partnership and is completed together. 
Time Commitment: 90 Minutes

Executives will:

  •  Achieve greater levels of success easier
  • Reduce frustration and stress
  • Find time freedom
  • Spend more time in High Value Activities (the work that really matters).
  • Discover an increased quality of life by rethinking the partnership with assistants 
  • Accurately view and quantify the value of their time
  • Unlock the power of a true executive/assistant partnership
  • See how to get instant ROI from this course

Assistants will: 

  • Develop the strategic partnership with your executive you have always worked for
  • Be viewed as a partner in achieving business results 
  • Be empowered to make the contribution you know you are capable of
  • Integrate in the business like never before
  • Have open conversations with their executive
  • Elevate your skills 

Step 2: The Assistant Track 

The second step is where the assistant will dive deeper into practical and tangible strategies to elevate their impact

Assistants will: 

  •  Reimagine your role as an invaluable partner to the executive
  •  Learn proactive techniques to plan the year strategically
  • Discover impactful ways to save the executive's precious time
  • Enhance communication skills for seamless collaboration
  • Master effective goal setting techniques to drive success

Time Commitment: 5 hours
Learn from our experts through:

  • A dynamic self-paced learning platform
  • Engaging videos and activities
  • Editable and printable PDFs
  • Actionable strategies to implement immediately

Inside The Program

Profit Center Partnership: Foundation 

Module 1: Welcome to The Profit Center Partnership
Module 2: The Profit Center Partnership Mindset
Module 3: Partnership Principles
Module 4: Recap and Next Steps

Profit Center Partnership: Assistant Track

Module 1: Welcome to The Assistant Track
Module 2: Rethinking the Role of an Assistant
Module 3: Why Am I Here?
Module 4: Planning Your Year
Module 5: How to Choose the Correct Communication Channels
Module 6: Partnership Progress
Module 7: Goal Setting
Module 8: Course Closing
Bonus Materials
  • Format and features

    Self-paced learning platform
    Engaging videos and activities
    Editable and printable PDFs
    Actionable strategies 

  • Devices

    Accessible through Desktop and Mobile

  • Authors

    Sarah Calderon and Robert Pollock

  • Modules


Profit Center Partnership


We know you are ready for quick, high-impact, quantifiable results. Unlock unprecedented success with the Profit Center Partnership Program. Join the program now!

Meet The Team

Sarah Calderon

Founder of Hey, EA!
Sarah brings a wealth of experience as both a top-notch executive assistant and leader of admin teams. She understands firsthand the challenges and opportunities of maximizing the assistant/executive partnership. Her expertise in streamlining processes and aligning executive priorities has resulted in remarkable success stories. Sarah is also a proud Texan, wife and mom. 

Robert Pollock

 Executive Contributor
Robert’s executive perspective complements Sarah’s insights by incorporating his 37+ years of experience as an entrepreneur, executive and business consultant. He has a proven track record building high performing teams. Together, they have created a course that is transformational for both executives and assistants.

Frequently asked questions

Who is this course for?

This course bundle is tailored for executive assistants who are committed to maximizing their impact and driving profitability in today's competitive business landscape.

How do you deliver this course?

The course has video lessons and activities. We use a new and interactive approach with captivating storytelling and practical approach to deliver this course.

What is the outcome that I can expect after completing this course?

After completing this course bundle, you can expect to emerge as a highly skilled and profit-centric executive assistant. You will have a deep understanding of how to leverage your role to drive revenue growth, optimize processes, and maximize profitability for your organization. You will be equipped with practical strategies, tools, and techniques to enhance your effectiveness, showcase your value as a profit-driven professional, and unlock new opportunities for career advancement

What do I get access to?

By enrolling in the Profit Center Partnership course bundle, you will gain exclusive access to two powerful courses: "Profit Center Partnership: Foundation" and "Profit Center Partnership: Assistant Track." In addition to these high-impact courses, you will receive comprehensive course materials, an interactive learning platform, expert guidance and support, practical tools and templates, and ongoing updates and support. These resources, combined with the knowledge and skills gained from the courses, will empower you to become a profit-centric executive assistant and unlock new levels of success in your career.
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Why is a true partnership approach between an executive and an assistant essential?

Hey, EA! Can we have a real talk for a moment? As assistants, we can do everything by the book. We can work on certifications, devour countless books and put in those extra hours. But the truth is, the biggest hurdle we face is often the lack of a genuine, solid partnership with our executive. Unless our executives truly grasp the value of our role, our work and our potential, we can't unleash our full capabilities.

It's no secret that being an assistant in today's demanding environment is tough.

And you know what? Executives have their own struggles too. Executives are some of the most confident-appearing insecure people you will meet. They work under intense pressure, feel that they always have to have the right answer and cannot be vulnerable. Their world is a pressure cooker and supporting them often turns our own world into a pressure cooker as well.

But here's the thing: they need our help. They want our help. The problem is, both assistants and executives struggle to maximize that relationship. It's time to change that.

Hey, EA! We're here to help.

Introducing our flagship course, Profit Center Partnership. This program is specifically designed to bring you and your executive together at the same table. We quickly capture your executive's attention, demonstrate the true value of a genuine partnership, and guide both of you through the process of establishing a solid foundation for better collaboration.

But that's not all. We have an entire course tailored for assistants like you. Packed with practical tools and tangible strategies, it builds upon the foundation you've laid with your executive. Once you have completed our course, your executive will be ready and eager to embrace the fresh tools and techniques you will bring to the table.

And guess what? The journey doesn't end there. Our vibrant community is here for you every single day. Connect with the Hey, EA! Team and other like-minded assistants who understand your world. As things change in your day-to-day, we're right here by your side. As a member of our community, you will get exclusive newsletters, valuable resources and ongoing support.

Being an assistant is an ever-evolving journey, and we're committed to being there for every step. Join us today and let's unlock your true potential together.