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Are you ready to create a strategic partnership with your executive, maximize your value, and elevate your skills? You are in the right place!  

What makes our program different?

Gone are the days of a one person partnership. This program is designed by both an assistant and executive for both assistants and executives. The combined experience and perspectives come together to create the most well-rounded and impactful program on the market.

As assistants, we know that we add tremendous value to the lives of our executives. Our program clearly defines how that value translates into a boost to the bottom line. We are not only creating strategic partnerships, we are creating Profit Center Partnerships. Hey, EA - you are a profit driver! 
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What’s in it for you?

  • Become the true partner with your executive that you have always wanted to be.
  • Work each day with more clarity of purpose and confidence.
  • Be able to quantify your contribution.
  • Start looking forward to your annual review and goal setting meetings.
  • Reduced stress, better relationships and more personal time.
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Why is a true partnership approach between an executive and an assistant essential?

Hey, EA! Can we be honest for a moment? As assistants, we can do everything by the book. We can work on certifications, read countless books and put in those extra hours. But the truth is, the biggest hurdle we face is often the lack of a genuine, solid partnership with our executive. Unless our executives truly grasp the value of our role, our work and our potential, we can't unleash our full capabilities.

It's no secret that being an assistant in today's demanding environment is tough.

And you know what? Executives have their own struggles too. Executives are some of the most confident-appearing insecure people you will meet. They work under intense pressure, feel that they always have to have the right answer and cannot be vulnerable. Their world is a pressure cooker and supporting them often turns our own world into a pressure cooker as well.

But here's the thing: they need our help. They want our help. The problem is, both assistants and executives struggle to maximize that relationship. It's time to change that.

Hey, EA! We're here to help.

Introducing our flagship program, Profit Center Partnership. This program is specifically designed to bring you and your executive together at the same table. We quickly capture your executive's attention, demonstrate the true value of a genuine partnership, and guide both of you through the process of establishing a solid foundation for better collaboration.

But that's not all. This program is tailored for assistants like you. We packed it with practical tools and tangible strategies, it builds that build upon the foundation you've laid with your executive.

And the journey doesn't end there. Our vibrant community is here for you every single day. Connect with the Hey, EA! Team and other like-minded assistants who understand your world. As things change in your day-to-day, we're right here by your side. As a member of our community, you will get exclusive content, valuable resources and ongoing support.

Being an assistant is an ever-evolving journey, and we're committed to being there for every step. Join us today and let's unlock your true potential together.

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