Feb 28 / Sarah Calderon

Building an EA Network: How to Make Connections Within Your Organization

Every assistant needs a lifeline.

For many of you in a corporate environment, you may have a built-in team of assistants who have been your lifelines since day one. For others, colleagues may feel distant as they work in other departments or office locations.

Whether you reach out to each other for a restaurant recommendation, a fresh perspective, a helping hand, or a listening ear, a network of fellow assistants is critical!

Here are a few ideas to begin, (or continue) building those relationships:

1) Connect with the Boss's Assistant
The person that your executive reports to also has an assistant. Reach out to that assistant first as this could be the colleague with whom you interact the most. Establish effective ways of working together and strategies to keep your two leaders aligned.

2) Casual Coffee or Lunch Meetup
Extend an invitation to a fellow assistant for a casual coffee or lunch. Share success stories, discuss wins, and brainstorm solutions in a relaxed setting.

3) LinkedIn Community
Seeking a broader network? Join us on LinkedIn! It's a space where assistants converge, share insights, and build a supportive professional community.

How will you strengthen your network this week?