Feb 15 / Sarah Calderon

Help! My Executive Doesn't Read My Emails

Are your emails going unread?​

Let's be honest - your executive's inbox is a black hole. And if you are managing their inbox, then you know this better than most.

Next time you hit that 'compose email' button, stop and ask if an email is really the right communication method for the information you are trying to share. Here are a few examples:

Travel Details
This information belongs directly in your executive's calendar. Create blocks for their flights (with confirmation numbers, flight numbers, and airport codes), drive time (with their rental car details), and hotel check-in (with the hotel address).I also like to drop additional tips like 'United Airlines Lounge located by Gate E6' as a calendar invite. I know that those calendar invites will show up as notifications on their phone at just the perfect time. This is far more effective than an email!

Frequently Updated Documents
This can include a weekly retail report, quarterly budget report, or past meeting minutes. Anything that is updated and reviewed regularly can live in a shared folder that is bookmarked on your executive's browser. This will allow them to review anytime with ease and avoid digging through an endless inbox.

Quick Answers
If you are looking for a quick 'yes or no' answer regarding lunch orders, in-the-moment calendar adjustments, or urgent questions, a text can be the best way to go!
However, keep in mind that this communication channel is very specific to each executive. While some executives are glued to their phones, others will not look at them often and could miss an urgent text. Have a conversation with your executive on their preferred scenarios to text.​

May your important reminders no longer go unnoticed!