Apr 4 / Sarah Calderon

3 Things To Do Before Setting Your OOO

Are you dreaming of a sunny beach right about now?

If you're like me, every other conversation about meetings to be scheduled has centered around the upcoming Spring Break schedule. With various executives and team members getting ready for a week off, I'm left thinking about how difficult it can be for assistants to take time off as well.

You deserve a vacation... one where you can truly disconnect and recharge.

So here are three actions you can take before enabling your "out of office" response to set yourself up for a successful vacation:

  • Arrange backup for specific tasks. Depending on your organization, your backup could be a fellow assistant or another team member.
  • Inform your executive whom to reach out to (hint: not you!). Put that person's contact information at the top of your executive's calendar so they always have it handy.
  • Send one final email to your executive, their team, and any other stakeholders. This email will serve as a reminder of your vacation time and your backup's information.

Remember, even the best assistants need a little R&R!