Jan 7 / Sarah Calderon

Own Your Growth: A Conversation Starter for Career-Defining Moves

Hey, EA!

Are you ready to invest in your professional development?

I know that it often takes a conversation with your executive before registering for a seminar or course.
Before walking into that conversation, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Your executive primarily cares about the value of their time. Focus on “what’s in it for them”, and how much time they stand to gain by your enhanced efficiencies!
  • ROI! What is the return on investment when you complete a course? You become better at your job. And the partnership with your executive gets stronger and more efficient. That gives your executive more peace of mind, enhanced confidence in you, and could result in a less chaotic calendar (don’t we all want that?)
  • Don’t be afraid to point out that, often, Executive Assistants are the only people in an organization that are not offered professional development opportunities. And - let's be honest - it’s frequently because we simply don’t ask.
Your career is what you make it. Don’t let another year go by without investing in yourself!