Apr 4 / Sarah Calderon

Are You In The Right Room?

I am currently nesting.

With only a few months to go before I welcome my second child, I - like many mothers at this stage - am overcome with the need to clean and organize every closet, cabinet, and drawer in my house.

Among the treasures I discovered during my flurry of cleaning over the weekend was an old Google Home device. This was something my husband bought a while back on his mission to make our entire home “smart”. After purchasing it, he set it up in our home office. I quickly discovered that this device would try to speak back to me every single time I was speaking in a Zoom meeting.

Now, was Madame Google trying to be helpful? Yes. But it was not the time, nor the place, nor was it asked for. She was quickly unplugged and placed in the closet.

After rediscovering it over the weekend, my husband set it up in our kitchen. I didn’t think much of it until I found myself standing in the kitchen carrying a fussy toddler on top of my big pregnant belly. I asked Madame Google to play some music. I asked her to start my Roomba vacuum. I asked her to find me a banana bread recipe.

Wow - Madame Google is a wonder.

Madame Google was simply in the wrong room. I never thought to ask her these questions in the home office. However, sitting in the kitchen, I saw her value in a completely different light.

This got me thinking… how many of us are simply in the wrong room?

As an assistant, if you are stuck at your desk instead of prominently placed in and contributing to your executive’s leadership meetings, you are probably in the wrong room.
If you find that people are discounting your ideas and contributions, you are probably in the wrong room.

If other people are standing in the way of your success, you are probably in the wrong room.

You are a wonder. Get in the right room. ✨