Nov 21 / Sarah Calderon

The Power of the Reset

Hey, EA! 

Have you ever looked up from your work and asked yourself “why am I continuing to do this thing that isn’t working?”. I know that I have. It’s human nature to fall into a comfortable routine. Even if that routine includes less than optimal processes and unproductive communication.  

Too often we wait until the end of the year to change something that isn't working. But It's never too late or too early for executive and administrative assistants to hit reset! 

Take the opportunity today to to hit reset: 

🔹 Reset a Process That Isn't Working: Don't be afraid to assess and adjust any workflows or systems that might be hindering productivity. Your willingness to evolve will lead to greater efficiency and effectiveness.

🔹 Reset Your Approach to Time Management: Time is our most valuable asset. Reevaluate how you prioritize tasks, set boundaries, and optimize your schedule for maximum productivity.

🔹 Reset Communication with Your Executive: Open, transparent, and effective communication is the backbone of a successful partnership. If you aren’t sure how to start this conversation, I put together a free guide for executive and administrative assistants with three simple questions. Download it here, then schedule the reset meeting with your executive.  

What area of your work life needs a reset today?