Profit Center Partnership: Assistant Track

This course builds off The Foundation course and is designed for the assistant only. 


Time Commitment

5 Hours


Assistants only


$ 948

Course Lessons

Meet The Team

Sarah Calderon

Founder of Hey, EA!
Sarah brings a wealth of experience as both a top-notch executive assistant and leader of admin teams. She understands firsthand the challenges and opportunities of maximizing the assistant/executive partnership. Her expertise in streamlining processes and aligning executive priorities has resulted in remarkable success stories. Sarah is also a proud Texan, wife and mom. 

Robert Pollock

 Executive Contributor
Robert’s executive perspective complements Sarah’s insights by incorporating his 37+ years of experience as an entrepreneur, executive and business consultant. He has a proven track record building high performing teams. Together, they have created a course that is transformational for both executives and assistants.